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Benefits of Consulting/Coaching

"Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their trip down the path to success, participating in some kind of coaching program is at the top of the list."

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

1. Someone to support you who is trained;

2. The right questions asked to unstick your life and move the obstacles;

3. Clarity in your life so you know the next step to take;

4. Freedom to think for yourself;

5. Abundance in health, money, career and relationships;

6. Being able to make a decision you can trust

Just a few of the benefits.

If you are going through a life change: Divorce, leaving an oppressive or suppressive group or relationship or having a soul wake up call, keep reading.

Life can be hopeful, moving forward and abundant.  It is yours for the asking.

Spirit gave me a second chance.  How about you?  What about your second chance in life?

My coaching really works well with those who believe in some higher connection as I use a whole person approach and as well...specialize in recreating negative patterns into positive patterns.

Why is this important?  Because it changes your life into abundance.

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Had enough trying to handle this on your own? Then email Vikke and find out how to unstick you life.

First step is to email Vikke at to discuss what you want to accomplish on your journey.  

If you want to find out more about coaching, then visit the Living Your Souls Journey show on BBS radio.  That way we'll know if our coaching connection will be right for you.

Understanding Karma, I only want to clear mine, not create more, so constant emails is not my game.

I'm just like you, I want to make sure the connection is right. Vikke's coaching services are very professional and private. 

Vikke offers monthly programs, with weekly sessions via phone.  Also, programs include  email contact for issues that need to be addressed between the weekly sessions. Payment is through Paypal.  

Living Your Souls Journey on BBS Radio: Solutions for YOU

Every Thursday at 4 Pacific, 7 EST, Living Your Souls Journey with Dr. Vikke will discuss issues involving divorce, life concerns and ways to overcome being stuck in life. Be sure to listen or call in as follows:

Listen-in Only phone line: 701-719-4207 direct  
Listen-in Only phone line: 712-775-6619 direct  

Call-in to interact when live with the program hosts and guests:
Toll Free 888-627-6008 in the US/Canada or Direct 323-744-4831
Skype: BBSRadioPR or Skype 530-636-6080.

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My Blog

Are you ready to get unstuck and gain freedom in your life?

Life Changes

My daughter has been struggling to find her life's purpose, not just for work but in school.  Vikke set her up to win and succeed.  Thank you so much.   P.L.

Working with Vikke was so easy.  Together we found out why I was struggling in my business and in life. SG 

Vikke took me step by step, asking what questions were needed to open up those spaces for clarity.  After working with me, I realized I was never alone.  Spirit is always with me. Thank you for making my life mine.  Gwen 

I used to have a career coach from school but once my mom started working with me, I changed. She asked the right questions and now, even though I'm in high school, I know my direction for my life. Thanks Mom   LF

Link to Angel Anya's Magic Heart, It is a light blue book, second one down.

Why work with Vikke?

My life has been about building and recreating each step of my souls journey.

I started out as a singer, then became an attorney and along the way rediscovered my love for counseling and coaching. 

Each step I've taken as a mom to my daughter, has involved being passionate about inspiring and motivating.  As an avid believer in spiritual growth, I learned that my passion and souls journey is to  assist others in doing exactly what I have done for my own life.  I have had help all along my journey. 

 It hasn't always been easy. I  believe in love and light but in diving deep in both the dark and light sides of the human race. In doing so, I found myself.  It takes courage to look deep within, yet it is far easier than being stuck in life, feeling hopeless and the pain of feeling alone.

What I love most in life? My daughter, my friends, my pets and my spiritual connections.

Vikke's Education

Georgia Licensed Attorney

Fowler Int'l Coaching Academy

 *Certified Career Coach

 *Certified Professional Coach

 *Certified Life Coach

Transpersonal Psychology PhD

Ordained Spiritual Minister

Unhappy and Stuck in Life

Divorce, life change, soul wake up call.

As a Divorce Coach, we can work together to open up a brand new life for you to discover YOU. As your Career Coach and Professional Divorce Coach,  we'll discover your soul's journey; it's just great when you can work with coaching, a Career Coach and Divorce  Coach by a former divorce attorney who can ask the right questions to open it all up for you.

I've been through those moments that made me feel "stuck".  I learned how to get out of those places with help of my own.  My passion is to empower you to gain your life back, on your terms, for you.

Write to me at to  discuss  your goals and how we can work together


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