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Soul Seekers abundantly rebuiding their lives

Newly Single Women: Freedom from the pain of divorce, life altering events, oppressive groups or relationships and/or a soul wake-up call

"Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their trip down the path to success, participating in some kind of coaching program is at the top of the list."

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Retirement time?

Do you want to own your own life again or for the first time?

If you are going through a life change: Divorce, leaving an oppressive or suppressive group or relationship or having a soul wake up call, keep reading.

As a law student I learned that Socrates had a saying "Know Thyself".  It is the key to an abundant life.

I solved these issues for myself and have a road map to share with those who also want to find solutions.


How the angels saved our life.

Free Coach Session

First step is to email Vikke at info@vikkeford.com to discuss what you want to accomplish. your journey.  

Free Coaching session with a fun and creative Coaching Exercise.

Vikke offers monthly programs, with weekly sessions via phone.  Also, programs include  email contact for issues that need to be addressed between the weekly sessions. Payment is through Paypal.  

Be prepared to recreate and rebuild your life. Expect a Miracle.

Freedom to Live Your Souls Journey

Why are you here? What is Spirit's Mission for your life?

Have you ever been so lonely you did something stupid thinking it would solve the pain? 

Have you been so sad you just sat in your house and cried knowing that something has to change but not even knowing where to begin?

I want women to know there is someone here to help, who understands and cares.

If you are divorced, single, left an oppressive or suppressive group or relationship or simply having a soul wake up call, you are not alone.  I understand. Together we  can empower you to recreate and rebuild your life with freedom and a renewed sense of purpose.  

It is possible because I did it myself. I had help and now I am offering this help to others.  

You are not alone and you are enough.         

My Blog

Coming Out of a Divorce, Oppressive Group or Relationship

Transformational Success

My daughter has been struggling to find her life's purpose, not just for work but in school.  Vikke set her up to win and succeed.  Thank you so much.   P.L.

Vikke worked with my small doctors office for about 9 months. She took a bank statement that was operating in the red to a very stable business operating in the black.  Her expertise and ability to work with others was profound and all done on line from her office.  Thank you.  DL

Working with Vikke was so easy.  Together we found out why I was struggling in my business and in life. SG 

Vikke took me step by step, asking what questions were needed to open up those spaces for clarity.  After working with me, I realized I was never alone.  Spirit is always with me. Thank you for making my life mine.  Gwen 

Career & Vocational Coach

We can work together from any distance by phone. You 

Once the program is set up, we will work once a week, or more if you need it.  The goal is for you to discover your soul's journey in finding your career.   My coaching is set up to self empower you. 

First step is to write at info@vikkeford.com so we can start the process.

All payments are made through PayPal.  

Each person is so unique that I don't just offer a set way of doing things. I individualize each program for your journey.

Vikke's training:

Georgia Licensed Attorney

Fowler Int'l Coaching Academy

Transpersonal Psychology/Minister PHD

Host of "Living Your Soul's Journey" Radio Show.

Freedom and Purpose

Divorce, life change, soul wake up call.

As a Divorce Coach, we can work together to open up a brand new life for you to discover YOU. As your Career Coach we'll discover your soul's journey; it's just great when you can work with coaching, a Certified Professional Coach who can ask the right questions to open it all up for you.

Write to me at

info@vikkeford.com to  discuss  your goals and how we can work together

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