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Are you finding the joy in Christmas?

"Soft as a rain drop, powerful as thunder and quick as are as unique."

How do you define success in your life?

Are you feeling alone?

If you believe that Spirit created you and loves you, and you don't love, honor and respect yourself, then isn't that dishonoring the beautiful gift that Spirit created in you?

Do you wonder why you're here?

Without a relationship are you feeling alone?

Do you need help with sadness, unhappiness? Intuitive Consulting, Divorce Coach and Life Coach.  Intuitive Advising with Dr. Vikke for solutions!

Is your life just hard?



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What is Intuitive Advising?

Intuitive Advising

Is it possible to be happy in  life and have a career or business?

Do you just look forward to getting home at night, the weekends or vacation?

If you are just wondering what step to take next or how to solve a situation that is leaving you restless or upset, then a  Life Consultation may be your answer.

We will discuss timing and concerns that you have in a confidential manner. Sometimes it just takes someone to listen and ask the right questions to help you find the solution.  Sessions are an hour.

Email Dr. Vikke at to find out more. Weekends and nights are available.  

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. ” ~ Albert Einstei

Energy Transformations

Energy makes up our entire world... The energy of love, peace, freedom....and the energy of loss, upset,  self hate and loneliness.


Your not just a person, you're a soul with a path of evolution.  There is a bigger picture here, a reason for what happens to us.  When we get that gift, we receive freedom.

I book appointments only after a complimentary mini-consultation to make sure this is right for both of us.

Sessions are about an hour.  The monthly program includes 4 monthly sessions plus email support.  

Would you like some help in finding the right energy for your life?

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BBS Radio Show

Live on Sundays now at 5 P, 8 EST every other week starting January 13, 2019.  Will announce each week that the show is airing.  Congratulations BBS for surviving the Paradise, Ca fires and for getting back on the radio!!!


Do you want help understanding love, how to live your life with more abundance and learn how to be happy no matter what circumstance you find yourself in?

You can listen in or call directly to the show to have your questions discussed.

Dr. Vikke is a licensed attorney, professional certified coach and has a PhD in simple terms….. energy transformation. Bringing a connection between the angelic force and lifes’ earthly challenges is the core of her practice.

So, now sit back, relax and enjoy Living Your Souls Journey, the Intuitive Advising Show here on the greatest radio station, BBS Radio.


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Would you like help with your situation?

Intuitive Advising Success Stories

My daughter has been struggling to find her life's purpose, not just for work but in school.  Vikke set her up to win and succeed.  Thank you so much.   P.L.

Working with Vikke was so easy.  Together we found out why I was struggling in my business and in life. SG 

Vikke took me step by step, asking what questions were needed to open up those spaces for clarity.  After working with me, I realized I was never alone.  Spirit is always with me. Thank you for making my life mine.  Gwen 

I used to have a career coach from school but once my mom started working with me, I changed. She asked the right questions and now, even though I'm in high school, I know my direction for my life. Thanks Mom   LF

This coaching works!! Thanks so much. My life is in balance finally.  CJ

Energy Works magic in my souls journey.   MD

Link to Angel Anya's Magic Heart, It is a light blue book, second one down.

Book by Vikke

Founder of Intuitive Advising with Dr. Vikke

Due to having lived through the loss of a child, a divorce and have survived betrayal, I understand. Due to this loss, I chose to learn to live a different life where I had to depend on myself and my spiritual connection.  How can I honor and love Spirit, if I don't love myself?

  It takes courage and strength to ask for help.

 It is far easier though than being stuck in life, feeling hopeless and feeling the pain of loneliness.

As an Intuitive Advisor, my program  combines many years of experience, divine guidance and over 25 years of  training to create this unique and powerful program for you.  


Intuitive Consultant/Coach

Ordained Spiritual Minister

Fowler Certified Professional Coach

Transpersonal Psychology Ph.D

Dr of Metaphysics/Energy Healing

Licensed Counselo

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What Can I Do For You?

What do you want in your life?

* Balance in life/work?

* Happiness?

* New Direction?

* More Money?

Each program is set up for you and your needs and wants.

First step is to email Dr. Vikke at to just set up a communication.

Pet Consultations

I work with you and your pet if your pet is crossing over, sick or you simply want to help your pet come back to you after their passing. 

Do you need help with anything? 

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Take the first step on your Soul's Journey to discover your greatest self.

One Session: $188

Monthly: $644

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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What you do today determines the rest of your life. Do something now.  For your free gift, just say "Gift" and it will be sent to you via email.

Dr. Vikke is an Intuitive Advisor/ Consultant/Coach in life and business.

Founder of Intuitive Advising and Living Your Souls Journey.