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 My approach is holistic and connects Body, Heart, Mind and Soul

"Soft as a rain drop, powerful as thunder and quick as light"

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Why me?



If you believe that Spirit created you and loves you, and you don't love, honor and respect yourself, then isn't that dishonoring the beautiful gift that Spirit created in you?

How do I handle this problem?


Without a relationship are you feeling alone?



Need direction and clarity?

Is your pet upset?




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Living Your Souls Journey Program


Have you had enough trying to figure this out on your own?

My practice connects the mind, body, heart and soul in the process of finding solutions to problems that are bothering you.

Working  with successful women to help them become connected to their power, their gifts, themselves is one of my greatest joys. That freedom for my clients comes from being connected to their source. 

 How would you like to find your Souls gift to you from a bad situation or challenge?  

Wouldn't that be freedom for your life?  

Help you move forward? 

Have a deeper meaning to life?

Email Dr. Vikke at to find out more. Weekends and nights are available.  

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and

How Can I Help You?


My sessions are looking for breakthroughs, life changing transformations.  So, I ask you, how ready are you for this change?  

Energy makes up our entire world... The energy of love, peace, freedom....and the energy of loss, upset,  self hate and loneliness.

You're not just a person, you're a soul with a path of evolution. There is a bigger picture here, a reason for what happens to us.  When we discover this deeper meaning, we receive freedom.

Programs are set up only after a complimentary mini-consultation to make sure this is right for both of us.


Leave your best contact number, time to call and best time to have weekly appointments and let's get going!!!  

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are." Chauncey Depew

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BBS Radio Show


Living Your Souls Journey radio show begins live on March 9, 2019.  

Every Saturday

4 Pacific  6 Central 7 EST

Now sit back, relax and enjoy Living Your Souls Journey, on the greatest radio station, BBS Radio.


Listen-in Only phone line: 701-719-4207 direct  
Listen-in Only phone line: 712-775-6619 direct  

Call-in to interact when live with the program hosts and guests:
Toll Free 888-627-6008 in the US/Canada or Direct 323-744-4831
Skype: BBSRadioPR or Skype 530-636-6080

Upcoming Guests

March 16, Steve Dahmus, world famous astrologist will be my special guest.  

In April, Robert Tumm, Founder of Spiritual Energy Dynamics, a fabulous energy transformation system, will be talking on Channeling.

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What is a body, mind, heart and soul connection practice?

Success Stories


Should I divorce and if I do how do I plan for this?  Dr. Vikke consulted me through the process so that when I was ready to make my plans, I was prepared. Thank you. SL

Working with Vikke was so easy.  Together we found out why I was struggling in my business and in life. SG 

Vikke took me step by step, asking what questions were needed to open up those spaces for clarity.  After working with me, I realized I was never alone.  Spirit is always with me. Thank you for making my life mine.  Gwen 

I used to have a career coach from school but once my mom started working with me, I changed. She asked the right questions and now, even though I'm in high school, I know my direction for my life. Thanks Mom   LF

This coaching works!! Thanks so much. My life is in balance finally.  CJ

Energy Works magic in my souls journey.   MD

Link to Angel Anya's Magic Heart, It is a light blue book, second one down.

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Founder Bio


  It takes courage and strength to ask for help.

 It is far easier though than being stuck in life, feeling hopeless and feeling the pain of loneliness.

As a life coach, transformational coach and consultant, my program  combines many years of experience, divine guidance and over 25 years of  training to create this unique and powerful program for you.  

Dr. Vikke has been extensively trained in metaphysical healing, Intuitive and channeling skills, root causes of negative behavior and distance energy healing.



Doctor of Metapsychics/Energy

Ordained Spiritual Minister

Fowler Certified Professional Coach

Transpersonal Psychology Ph.D

Licensed Counselor of Law

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What Can I Do For You?


Transformation Quiz

1. Is there a deeper meaning to life than just work and making money?

2. Can I make money and still be on purpose?

3.  Why do the same life experiences keep happening to me?

4. Do Angels really help our life?

If you have wondered about any of these questions, then we will be a good match to work together.

Dr. Vikke also works on pets.

Coming this summer: 

A Certified coach in our office just for teenagers and young adults. She specializes in helping young people with self esteem, relationship issue, and finding their purpose. 

We will be working as a team so that families can have their own coaching/consulting and then work together to solve family and life problems.

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Take the first step on your Soul's Journey to discover your greatest self.

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What you do today determines the rest of your life. Do something now.  For your free gift, just say "Gift" and it will be sent to you via email.

Moving up on the levels of consciousness.