Living Your Soul's Journey

"Soft as a rain drop, powerful as thunder and quick as lightning.... You are who you were born to be" 


How do I overcome loneliness and feeling unloved?

Are you lost or shut down in your life?

If you believe that Spirit created you and loves you, and you don't love, honor and respect yourself, then isn't that dishonoring the beautiful gift that Spirit created in you?

Do you wonder why you're here?

Without a relationship are you feeling alone?

Does your life have no real direction anymore?

Do you have balance in your work/life/personal well being? 

Are you stuck and unhappy?



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Do you have to change your life now?

"Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their trip down the path to success, participating in some kind of coaching program is at the top of the list."

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

1. Someone to support you who is trained;

2. The right questions asked to unstick your life and move the obstacles;

3. Clarity in your life so you know the next step to take;

4. Freedom to think for yourself;

5. Abundance in health, money, career and relationships;

6. Being able to make a decision you can trust

Just a few of the benefits.

If you are going through a life change: Divorce, leaving an oppressive / suppressive group /relationship or having a soul wake up call, keep reading.

Justifying that overall your life is good enough can destroy your dreams.  It's keeping you from hiring a coach and 2 years from now you'll be in the same space.  I know...I've done just that.

It takes courage to move forward and someone to support you on the journey.

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Had enough trying to handle all of this on your own?

My program:

Enlightens Thoughts & Feelings
Connects You with Your Spirit & Higher Self
Helps You Forgive & Release the Past
Clears Faulty Thoughts & Emotions
That Attract Negative Thoughts and People
Opens Your Heart to Better Give & Receive Love

In this program, we look for the larger spiritual reason for your personal circumstances. This is the best way to totally resolve the issue.  Ready to think outside the box?

Suffering occurs whenever there is a separation between core values and the uniqueness to each person and personality as well as current life situations.  This is core to sacred psychology

My mission on this earth is to do anything I can to assist you in learning to find peace, freedom, joy and love...a love that  no one can take away from you. 

My programs are monthly programs, with weekly sessions via phone.  Also, programs include  email contact for issues that need to be addressed between the weekly sessions. Payment is through Paypal.  

To begin your soul's journey to discover your greatest self, write to to schedule your discussion with Dr. Vikke.

Living Your Souls Journey on BBS Radio

October 18th, 6 Steps to Moving Forward

October 25, How to Manage Your Own Energies with Robert Tumm, Founder of Spiritual Energy Dynamics.

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Each month I feature a regular listener to share their special life's purpose. If you want to be featured, just email Vikke at and we'll talk about your journey.

Every Thursday at 4 Pacific, 7 EST, Living Your Souls Journey with Dr. Vikke will discuss issues involving divorce, life concerns and ways to overcome being stuck in life. Be sure to listen or call in as follows:

Listen-in Only phone line: 701-719-4207 direct  
Listen-in Only phone line: 712-775-6619 direct  

Call-in to interact when live with the program hosts and guests:
Toll Free 888-627-6008 in the US/Canada or Direct 323-744-4831
Skype: BBSRadioPR or Skype 530-636-6080.

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My Blog

Are you ready to start living?

Success Adventures

My daughter has been struggling to find her life's purpose, not just for work but in school.  Vikke set her up to win and succeed.  Thank you so much.   P.L.

Working with Vikke was so easy.  Together we found out why I was struggling in my business and in life. SG 

Vikke took me step by step, asking what questions were needed to open up those spaces for clarity.  After working with me, I realized I was never alone.  Spirit is always with me. Thank you for making my life mine.  Gwen 

I used to have a career coach from school but once my mom started working with me, I changed. She asked the right questions and now, even though I'm in high school, I know my direction for my life. Thanks Mom   LF

This coaching works!! Thanks so much. My life is in balance finally.  CJ

Energy Works magic in my souls journey.   MD

Link to Angel Anya's Magic Heart, It is a light blue book, second one down.

About Dr. Vikke

Because I have lived through the loss of a child, a divorce and have survived betrayal, I understand. Due to this loss, I had no choice but to learn to live a different life where I had to depend on myself and my spiritual connection.  How can I honor and love Spirit, if I don't love myself.

It took years to get to the point where I could be alone and not be lonely.  It is a powerful place to be. Looking back I am glad I took each step.  I can be there for you as you rebuild your life into peace and freedom.

As an avid believer in spiritual growth, I learned that my passion and souls journey is to  assist others to live in their freedom.  It takes courage and strength to ask for help.

 It is far easier though than being stuck in life, feeling hopeless and feeling the pain of loneliness.

My program consists of a form of sacred psychology, energy work and intuitive coaching. I have encompassed experience and the following training to create this unique and powerful program for you.

Association of Transpersonal Psychologists.


Spiritual Energy Dynamics Level 4

Georgia Licensed Attorney

Trannspersonal Psychology PhD

Ordained Spiritual Minister

Fowler Int' Coach Academy

Certified Professional

Purpose-Career-Life Coach

Ready to Walk in Your Own Shoes?

You may wonder how to take that next step in your life.

My program involves a form of sacred psychology and energy healing.

There are 5 steps that will give you a roadmap for your life.

* Lessen your loneliness each day

*Learn how to create and be You

*Learn to unblock hidden patterns that hinder abundance in your life

*Clear negative energies and beliefs

*Clear away obstacles in your career, relationships and life.

Write to me at to  discuss  your goals and how we can work together.


Roadmap for your life Consulting/Coaching/Energy

My program is based on my sacred spiritual method of Transpersonal Psychological healing methods.


Link to Heart's Justice


Take the first step on your magical journey to discover your greatest self.

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What you do today determines the rest of your life. Do something now.  For your free gift, just say "Gift" and it will be sent to you via email.