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Do you have a pet life question?

How to reconnect with your lost pet?



If you believe that Spirit created you and loves you,  then isn't it okay to love, honor and respect yourself and your pet as the beautiful gift that Spirit created in you both?

How do I handle this problem with my pet?


Why is my dog sad?



What is my pet saying to me?

Is your pet upset?


Pet Energy Talk with Dr. Vikke

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Pet Consulting:

Helping you as well 

Learn how to know what your pet is saying?

How to reconnect with your loved one once they have crossed over?

Help them to reincarnate back to you.

A new family member in the house?

Dr. Vikke uses intuitive, Universal Laws and Scientific methods for helping you and your pet.

When I work with you and your pet, I can write a letter for you to be able to travel with your pet as an ESA Service Animal if it is best for you and your pet.


What is Pet Psychic Psychology?


Psychic is a word that means through  Spirit and Soul.  When I work with parents and their pets, I see pets as spiritual as well as their parents. Psychic or Intuitive means through the Natural Laws

Yes, I do use intuition along with scientific data to assist you in your pet questions.

To book an hour appointment, just go to  and we'll set it up togther.

Leave your best contact number, time to call and best time to have weekly appointments and let's get going!!!  

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are." Chauncey Depew 

Doctor Vikke's Show


Dr. Vikke's Radio Show

Pet Energy Talk

Talk Show Radio all about your pets!!

Dr. Vikke is the host of Living Your Souls Journey, soon to be renamed to Pet Energy Talk  on BBS Radio Station 1.  It airs twice a month at different times for different audiences. Tune in to BBS Radio to find out it's times for 2019.


or 712-775-6619

Universal Laws and Pets


Psychic Pet Psychology and the Universal Laws.

When we appreciate, honor and respect ourselves, it is much easier to honor, love and respect our furry friend.

On my life journey, I have seen pets so loved by their owners. At other times, I have seen dogs/cats treated well.....differently.   It made quite an impact on my choice to help those who really want to live abundantly with their pet.

My practice utilizes the Universal Laws in all aspects as it is a body-mind-spirit approach.

Our pets have souls and they do come back to us.

Link to Angel Anya's Magic Heart, It is a light blue book, second one down.

Founder Bio



Dr. Vikke has been extensively trained in metaphysics, pet psychology, root causes of negative behavior and the Universal Laws.



Pet Psychology Certified

Doctor of Metapsychics/Energy Healer

Licensed Ordained Spiritual Minister

Fowler Certified Professional Coach

Transpersonal Psychology, PHD

Counselor of Law, both physical and spiritual.

Why Pet Psychology?


Dr. Vikke's specialty is pets. 

Assisting pet owners to understand their dog,  help with energy work if the dog is upset and to help you help your dog cross over and come back to you.

Why would someone hire a pet psychology consultant?

Your pet is acting differently?

You've done everything possible and the result hasn't changed with  habits and behaviors.

My practice is based on intuition,  connecting to spiritual laws and understanding scientific psychological principles. I personally talk with your pet through various intuitive channels.

If your pet needs medical treatment, contact your vet immediately.   

Energy work on the emotional issues as well as changes in the environment, not medical issues.


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